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Water Filtration

Jack O'Connor Plumbing & Heating sells & installs the complete line of Aqua-Pure® brand of water filtration and water treatment products to provide you and your family with clean, safe, great tasting water. Aqua-Pure is the choice of quality conscious plumbing professionals; builders, and specifiers around the world.  Our product line includes: 
  • Replacement Cartridges - Universal design fits most industry housings
  • Whole House Systems - To handle all incoming water in a household
  • Drinking Water Systems - Better than bottled water at pennies per gallon 
  • Specialty Filters - For unique uses such as hot water systems and humidifiers

Do you have a water problem?


Symptom Cause Solution
  • Cloudy, Discolored or Tinted Water
  • Clogged or Leaking Faucets

Whole House Filters
  • Musty, Swampy Taste
  • Chlorine Taste in Water & Ice Cubes

Refrigerator Filters
  • Build-up in Water Heater Tank
  • Banging Water Heater

Hot Water System Protector
  • Soap Deposits on Dishes & Clothing
  • Soap Curds in Bathtub
Hard Water

Water Softeners
  • Red/brown Stains on Fixtures & Clothes
  • Metallic Taste

Iron Removal
  • Lead Water Pipes
  • Chemical Contamination of Water

Drinking Water Systems
  • Brackish Taste
  • Cloudy Ice Cubes
  • Deposits on Pots and Pans When Boiling Water
Dissolved Salts

Reverse Osmosis