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Air Quality


Jack O'Connor Plumbing & Heating knows that to help you protect the health and comfort of your family, the only truly effective solution is a whole-house solution. That's why we consider your entire home when creating indoor air quality solutions for your home.

Indoor Air Quality is not just about your home's air. It's about your family's health.

As anyone who has ever suffered in a house that's full of allergens, too hot, cold, humid or dry can attest, the air conditions inside your home can have big effects on your physical comfort and mental well being.  But did you know Indoor Air Quality has very real effects on your health?

Whether it's pollens that cause runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes and more; asthma triggers that can lead to potentially severe reactions; or airborne bacteria and viruses that can cause colds and flu, Indoor Air Quality is an important factor in your family's overall health.